Because it’s effective. Sampling not only generates trial, but also increases awareness and encourages brand switching and loyalty.

Some of the insights derived from previous sampling activations reveal that up to 73% of consumers are likely to buy a product after sampling it. Only 25% said the same thing after seeing a television commercial.


We have mastered the art of driving consumer action through brand interaction.

For all our success stories, we incorporate a mix of insights and strong adaptable concepts for both our clients and the target consumers. We strive to deliver fresh ideas, on strategy and that delivers measurable results with a focus on return on investment.


We are actively involved in the conceptualization, planning and execution of events for the clients we work with.

It is critical to be fully immersed in the plans, right from when they are just a thought, to long after the execution.


When working on an out-of-the box experience, it is imperative to us that our creativity runs throughout every element of the campaign. Nothing is too small to be considered with an innovative eye.

Our Creative energy continues to push the boundaries of our activities.

Community Building

We aim to create and foster personalized connections with the various target markets we interact with through customized experiential programs.

Getting this right remains crucial for the plan to be effective in evoking brand-positive emotions, as well as stimulating the right senses to help build relationships between brands and consumers.


Being able to mobilize high volumes of trained, brand relevant staff across markets is no simple task. We have been getting this right every single time for the clients we work with.

We are proud of our staff – they are at the center of everything we do.

Promoting Brands

A solid strategy ensures an optimized journey for brand discovery. At Daraja, we understand the importance of mapping audience journeys as a way of learning their preferences and behaviours so as to deliver the overall best experience.

Our goal is to bring purpose and function alive between the consumers and the brands we handle.

Behaviour Change

To truly influence audience behaviour in order to build a long-term conversation between the brand and the desired audiences.

We integrate sustenance plans in all our proposals for long-term engagements with the consumers, even beyond the purchase or conversion point.

Analyzing Campaigns

We have an effective and sustainable system in place, dependable apps that capture regular program  data collection, communication, and in-app responses that benefit both our teams and the clients we handle.